Shared Web Hosting in Dubai, UAE – Choosing the right web hosting plan

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Looking for Shared Web Hosting in Dubai, UAE?

This article helps you choose the right shared hosting plan as per your needs

While looking for web hosting in Dubai, how do you decide if a web hosting plan is good? Are things like bandwidth and disk storage still taken into consideration these days while looking for a web hosting package?

Which type of hosting package of plan would suit you? In this post, we try to answer this question for you

To start off with, before finalizing on the shared web hosting package, you need to know the following

  • Do your research on hosting support reliability and uptime guarantee when looking for web hosting in Dubai
  • Know your web or shared hosting needs (traffic, disk storage etc).
  • Review if the web hosting packages have upgrading options.
  • Diligently go through all shared hosting features (example – no: of addon domains, no:of emails, amount of bandwidth etc allowed) based on your requirements.
  • Does the web hosting plan come with the control panel.
  • Understand the ToS to find out info on web hosting package suspension and policies on server usage.
  • Does the web hosting plan come with free backups (so that you do not lose on the data in case of any unforseen consequences?

Serverfellows has 3 shared / web hosting packages for our customers in Dubai, UAE

Shared Web Hosting in Dubai, UAE (Plans)

No: of websites1 website5 websites Unlimited
Web Space5 GB15 GB30 GB
Email Accounts25UnlimitedUnlimited
MySQL DatabasesYesYesYes
From $6.95 p.m
From $11.95 p.m
From $17.95 p.m

BASIC Shared Web Hosting Plan

This hosting plan is suitable for the following Dubai, UAE users:

  • Looking for a cheap and reliable web hosting option in Dubai.
  • Only have 1 website to host.
  • Static content with very less dynamic content.
  • Running a small blog as a hobby.
  • Not looking to consume a lot of bandwidth resources.
  • Perfect for small blogs, small personal/business sites for potential customers to get in touch.

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PLUS Shared Web Hosting Plan

  • Small to medium sized businesses.
  • Dynamic CMS (content management system) to upload and download content from the website.
  • Low to medium traffic on the website.
  • Light portfolio websites with images.
  • Looking to have more email accounts.
  • Looking to host upto 5 small to medium sized sites.

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PREMIUM Shared Web Hosting Plan

  • Require lots of hard disk space (upto 30GB with this plan)
  • Heavy portfolio website to showcase your work – Images, content, artwork, photographs etc to be uploaded
  • Database driven websites
  • Require a significant number of email accounts
  • Looking to host more than 5 websites

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For newbies, it is advisable to always start small with a good shared web hosting account.

A shared hosting account is affordable, simple to keep up, and adequate for most small and new blogs and websites. You also have an option to upgrade to a VPS hosting plan in the later stage when your site or a blog grows bigger.

As long as you know your requirements, there will not be any problems. For instance, if your plan is to serve a limited number of pages to a few customers locally, you are not likely to have any problems with any of the shared hosting plans. Having said that, if you recognize that you’re likely to build a site that will eventually stress shared servers, be sure to pick up one of the VPS hosting plans.

Needless to say, in case you have any queries after the purchase of a hosting plan and need assistance with configuration, please feel free to get in touch with our support team via email and support tickets

If you are an advanced user and looking at hosting options for the following, please go through the hosting options below-

We hope this post on shared web hosting in Dubai, UAE was helpful. In case of any questions. please feel free to get in touch.

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